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Picture Gallery

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Old clay tile removed - water trapped in lateral line because of biomat accumulation Biomat material removed from drainage pipes Septic tank lid boxed in by 4' concrete blocks
Backup Newly replaced T-baffle Sludge/biomat in broken clay tile
End of run after flushing out Clean clay pipe Clay pipe plugged with roots
New replacement pipe Open tank and exposed abs pipe Crushed abs pipe
Sewage sludge rising from broken pipe Septic tank opening with baffle intact in good working order Exposed pipe repair
Sewage backup Close-up of pipe with biomat and roots removed New T-baffle and abs pipe
New runs in refurbished tile bed Broken pipe with sewage pouring out Cleaned out trench
Pipe repair with elbows to accommodate slope Close-up of repair pipe Waste pipe to septic tank
Coffin tank/centre section cut out to access both sides of tank Custom fitted riser for coffin tank Trench ready for pipe
Two lines ready for pipe Thick black sludge coming up from the open lid Open lids showing heavy sludge
Roots and other solids in septic tank Top of uncovered septic tank New T-baffle
Boxes built over lids to facilitate maintenance Access for deep lids Wooden access lids
New baffle for old tank Septic bank backup Close-up of backup
Water running back into tank from clogged tile bed Close-up of water running back into tank from clogged tile bed New pipe installed to tank
New header pipe Sludge removed from clogged pipe Broken clay tile
Various organic materials clogging pipes Roots in pipe Root matter in pipe
Pumping chamber Effluent filter Baffle for effluent filter
Aquarobic filter Aquarobic filter Broken pipe from house to tank
Old pipe removed from repair of tile bed Good condition septic tank with baffle intact Roots and other organic matter taken from pipes
Header pipe covered with septic stone
Perforated 4" drainage pipes